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To advertise in either this website or RECORD, or both, all you need to do is complete this online form:


This form provides you with examples to help guide you through creating an effective job advertisement. If you have any questions or queries, contact hr@adventist.org.au or (02) 9847 3271.

Please note: this service is only available to Seventh-day Adventist Denominational Entities within the South Pacific Division. 

Our Work

Ever wonder what the South Pacific Division's Human Resources do? Well, amongst other things, we:

»  Develop employment resources for use throughout the South Pacific Division.
»  Write and review Job Descriptions.
»  Develop and administer an appraisal program for church administrators.
»  Facilitate the recruitment of new staff.
»  Assist in the development and promotion of an appraisal program for ministers.
»  Provide support systems to church employees.
»  Interview Avondale College Business, Communications and Office Administration graduates.
»  Liaise with the Sydney Adventist Hospital and Sanitarium Health Food Human Resources Departments.
»  Conduct human resources workshops for Unions, Conferences and Missions.
»  Promote Church employment.
»  Liaise with the Equal Employment Opportunities (EEO) Commission in actively promoting EEO within the SPD, Adventist Media Network & ADRA Australia.
»  Liaise with the General Conference Human Resources Service.
»  Facilitate the induction of new employees.
»  Administer career assessments.
»  Maintain the Personnel Service Records of Church staff in the South Pacific.
»  Provide support to Unions and Conferences in employment related matters.
»  Monitor employment related legislative changes and their implications for the church.
»  Develop resources for the professional management of critical incidents.
»  Offer support to restructuring institutions and organisations.
»  Write, review and edit employment related policies.
»  Carry out staff surveys to help assess morale and perceptions within the office.
»  Conduct "Exit Surveys".
»  Maintain the Church's Employment Recruitment Database and tertiary scholarship fund.
»  Develop, maintain and distribute the South Pacific Division Office Manual.
»  Prepare and review contracts.
»  Mediate in employment related disagreements.
»  Promote Arenas of Safety.
»  Review remuneration packages.