What is Employment Connect?

Employment Connect aims to present the job seeker with a range of employment options and career resources for those seeking employment with Sanitarium, Adventist Health Care and all other Seventh-day Adventist owned entities within the South Pacific Division. Even if you have not considered church employment or are still studying, adding your details to Employment Connect may provide an opportunity for you now or in the future.

How do I register?

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Why work for a church employer? Here are some reasons to consider.

There are a variety of positions available from entry level through to leadership and management roles. These extend across a range of industries such as:

» Health Care/Aged Care
» Fast moving consumer goods
» Communications/Publishing/Media
» Education
» Development & Relief
» Health Insurance
» Business/Management

There are currently over 9000 church employees across 120 careers, spread throughout the South Pacific Division which includes Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific Islands.